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Product description

The newfound freedom

A statement of effortlessness, comfort, and self-confidence
The design and cut are fashioned in accordance with these three principles.
everywhere – active, aesthetic, durable, fair, fine, flowing, fresh, neat, high quality, classy… amazingly easy, easily amazing.

Unique – Sensitive® fabrics

The certificate of authenticity is a guarantee for the specific properties of the fabric and the product’s environmental sustainability.

Zeitlos by Luana – everywhere

Simply unique: The typical elasticity of Sensitive ® fabrics simultaneously allows for full movement and perfect fit.

Our products are sustainable!

  • easy and quick to wash whilst also drying extremely quickly

  • maximum wear-resistance, no pilling, non-ironing – a guarantee for longevity

  • strict quality management at each stage of the production cycle guarantees a resource-friendly production

  • free from harmful chemicals, as certified through the REACH system

Zeitlos by Luana – everywhere clothes have been produced in Greece and Italy for more than 40 years. We are proud of this long tradition and of producing in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.